Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Easing Anxiety and Mental Stress through Mindfulness Meditation

A former occupational therapist, Brenda Hanna’s range of experience includes designing and executing a vocational rehabilitation program for patients with physical and emotional disabilities to leading her own multidisciplinary rehabilitation practice. A district care coordinator with Toronto Central LHIN, Brenda Hanna has a wide range of professional interests including the use of meditation practices as they relate to mental health

In an article posted on Harvard Health Publishing of Harvard Medical School, Julie Corliss, executive editor of Harvard Heart Letter, notes that anxiety, pain, depression, and mental stress may be alleviated through mindfulness meditation. The article points out numerous trials that met the benchmark for well-conceived studies and were published in JAMA Internal Medicine pointing to the positive effects of meditation practices. 

While still not considered mainstream, mindfulness meditation involves sitting comfortably, concentrating on one's breathing, and having the mind focus on the present, without wandering into thoughts about the future or past. To have a better understanding of mindfulness meditation, you can visit the guide at www.mindfulness-solution.com developed by Dr. Ronald Siegel, an assistant psychology professor at Harvard Medical School.